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Spring wins. Every year. And I’m still surprised and delighted!

This is not the current state of my crabapple tree, but it will be soon. And for that I’m very grateful!

Happy New Year

Wishing you a very happy, healthy 2011!

A Dozen Years

Alan and I drove through the county last Sunday. Just us. We visited the little stone church that faces a pumpkin field, and tried to recount the major (and some minor) events of our twelve years. I love to remember! We had a happy anniversary.

Summer 2010

It’s been a good one, if fast. Good thing I love fall, because it’s knocking on the door.

One of Luke’s last baseball games.

Lines and Textures

Another trip to the farm. This time, I noticed many of my images showed the different textures and lines around the old place. It’s a fresh, orderly farm, but old and worn. I love the contrasts.

And the pigs. They were fresh, alright!