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From My Garden

Here are two blooms from my garden. I took these just as the sun went down and the sky reflected the last bit of warm light. I love that.

Spring Starts!

Spring has arrived in all her glory! Which provides a perfect excuse for me to get this blog into gear. Today, I “officially” launch this, my newish, beautiful blog and logo — designed by Susan Sidoriak of Silverbox Creative Studio. Susan was wonderful and her approach to design is absolutely stylish, creative and always beautiful. Peruse her blog and portfolio site to see what I mean. (Get ready to PIN!)

Happy blooms everywhere at Longwood Gardens!

From the Garden

See you next spring…

Blog Changes

If you haven’t noticed, I’m working on a few lovely changes to this blog. Work is still in progress, but I hope to have comments enabled and the bugs worked out soon. Beautiful weddings, portrait shoots and last-of-summer family photos coming soon!


Spring wins. Every year. And I’m still surprised and delighted!

This is not the current state of my crabapple tree, but it will be soon. And for that I’m very grateful!