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Our New Darling

Vivienne Alice is getting big now. She laughs and shares her bursting, vibrant, but even personality. Her oldest brother has the same unusual, contrasting traits. (She has Liam’s magnificent bedhead, too.) But here are some of our early moments with her. These are my favorites.

This was not the photographer in me shooting so much as the mother. This perspective, the memories it recalls, her sweet newness and her Daddy’s mouth. I took this in first person, singular. I, me, my, mine. : )

All of these (except the last one) are 120 film pics I took with my Contax 645. Perfect fingers and toes:

The fat pink flowers the kids brought me:

Bringing her home:

This is Alan’s favorite:

Baby Joseph and Family

THIS precious boy┬áhas a baby brother! Little Joseph was the tiniest, sweetest little headful of hair. Only six days old when I took these…

Fiona May

I was so privileged to visit dear little Fiona May in the hospital 2 days after she was born. Here she is, the beautiful girl:

Sean and Anna.

Here she is a few days later at home. Isn’t she exquisite?

Aww, Grammy knows!

Fiona May – Sneak Peek Smile

Darling girl!

Lewis and His Hair